Decorative Metal

Moz Designs' Blendz Patina Collection

Mosey on Over

Oakland-based metal experts' Moz Designs has introduced new earth-toned colorways as an extension of the Blendz Patina Collection. The new colors bring the look of naturally timeworn textures to commercial spaces using lightweight metal materials. Available in rusted copper hues, deep forest greens, and moody grays, the colors appear antique while maintaining a smooth, easy-to-clean finish. Crafted with 100% recyclable aluminum.

4747 Bethesda, Bethesda, Md.

The Grand Staircase

Enhancing the lobby experience at 4747 Bethesda in Bethesda, Md., Banker Wire SZ-4 mesh flanks the ceremonial three-story staircase, lending transparency behind multiple glass panes. Stainless steel melded with bronze-aged copper wire mesh creates a unique weave that changes with the viewer’s angle. “Contrasting the bronze-embossed glass that clads the building, the lobby is articulated as a jewel box,” says Ruben Quesada, designer, ZGF Architects, the architect on the project. “The combination of the copper and stainless steel pairs well with the other timeless materials in the space—bronze, Italian marble and walnut wood—creating a cohesive design messag

Flyte offices in El Segundo, Calif. uses Móz to cover a walkway

Lively Light Source

Móz Designs teamed up with Flyte to create  a welcoming exterior environment for their offices in El Segundo, Calif., using laser cut and perforated metal. Designed by Ware Malcomb and spanning a total of 5,000 sq. ft., the Móz Bubbles pattern—used to cover a walkway—creates a distinct dappled light effect on the tile below. It was installed in custom 5-ft. × 10-ft. sheets, laser-cut and perforated to the Bubbles pattern, and finished with a white powder coating.


No Holes in this Plan

The Mike Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State brings together many materials to create a modern space. Dri-Design’s Perforated Imaging Panels were used to create the school’s logo in the Lear Auditorium. The panels were installed over light diffusing fabric and a mounting structure. Lighting color can be changed depending on the activity taking place, be it a community or school function. On exteriors, the panels don’t impede airflow, and can provide shade without sacrificing style or design.


Mesh Screens Underline Exclusivity of Qatar Airport

Hamad International Airport places emphasis on extraordinary design, maximum efficiency when handling passengers and freight, and a luxurious atmosphere and sustainability. The Hamad International Airport (HIA) in the capital city Doha, Qatar, is open for passengers after a decade of pioneering design, engineering and construction work. Once all work has been completed, up to 50 million passengers and 2.5 million metric tons of freight will be processed every year. The strategically important location between East and West makes it an important international hub.In order to convey the country’s culture, which is equally oriented towards the future and tradition, the airport places emph


Metal Magic

With the same properties of stainless steel, GKD’s Bronze Collection offers an alternate aesthetic for exterior and interior settings. Architects have the option of maintaining the warm bronze tone with a clear coating or allowing its natural patina to evolve over time.Judge’s Comment: “The Bronze Collection succeeds on many levels proving the important collaboration between manufacturer, specifier and builder.”


Great Fit

The Super Metal Future collection of finished aluminum skins for interior and exterior walls and ceilings comes in flat sheets and can be used in a variety of applications, including millwork, column covers, soffits and signage. Fully customizable, designers can create a site-specific look. Available in 12 finishes, with great attention paid to textures, reflection and luminosity.Judge’s Comment: “Love the fact it's bringing the look and feel of premium surfaces to a most suitable substrate.”


Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Integrating Móz’ signature laser cut and perforated metals, Backlit Metals makes patterns pop and casts shadows onto surfaces, transforming ordinary walls, ceilings and structural columns into unique design elements, allowing a reimagination of what a strong surface can look like for both interiors and exteriors. Ready to install, including LED light strips and drivers along with optional light-diffusing acrylic backers. Alongside a wide range of lighting solutions to perforated and laser cut metals, the Column Cover Systems can also be backlit to glow in an evenly dispersed pattern, or illuminated from lighting at the base, creating a welcoming focal point.Suitable for a variety of pr


Woven Wire Mesh

Simultaneously blending in seamlessly while making a bold design statement, “Pre-Crimped” industrial woven wire mesh delivers high strength and durability. Coarse wire from 8 mesh to a 6-in. clear opening, the combinations of wire spacing, crimp style, raw material and wire diameter is nearly limitless.


Taking Out Microbes

The SPYSCAPE Museum in New York utilizes Gordon Inc.’s Metal Architectural Wall System and the company's Anti-Microbial Powder Coat finish. The museum features real spy stories and devices as well as interactive spy challenges. During the Special Ops Challenge, visitors travel through a tunnel trying to press lighted buttons on the walls, while dodging lasers that cross the path from wall-to-wall. Because the walls are constantly touched by visitors, they needed a durable, anti-microbial finish. The finish provided a secondary protection against microbial contamination by supplementing proper hygiene practices. The powder coating finish interrupts the growth of a wide range of path