Decorative Glass

Colorful Glass

Glen-Gery’s Venetian Glass Series taps directly into the spirit of the Venetian artisans who produce glass in its finest form: pure and crystal. This signature style is the centerpiece of a new range of transparent, colored designer glass bricks. The bricks come in golden amber, aqua marine, arctic crystal and blue sapphire.


Classy Glass

As businesses look to create safer spaces in shared settings and workplaces, many are looking at materials like glass to help create social distancing pods. Arden Studio glass won’t easily scratch or discolor over time, but is easy to clean, disinfect and move as needs change. Offering infinite combinations of colors, sizes and printing options, buyers can customize the glass with logos, custom colors, patterns, artwork and company branding, elevating the glass surface from functional to an integrated element of the interior design.In an age of social distancing, glass panels are designed and engineered to enhance working, support learning and help create safer work environments.

Nathan Allan Glass Rush Textured Glass

Let It Flow

Inspired by the mesmerizing movement of water, Rush Textured Glass is designed to simulate the stirring flow of moving water. This new, textureless clear design is the result of a unique custom mold creation, previously only available in straight linear patterns. Produced in clear, low iron, bronze or black glass, the panels can be produced as large as 5 ft. × 10 ft. and up to three-quarters of an inch thick.

A unique art glass installation designed by Martin Donlin on the façade of the Lowell Justice Center, Lowell, Mass.

Art Installation

A unique art glass installation designed by Martin Donlin on the façade of the Lowell Justice Center, Lowell, Mass. is also visible inside the two-story entrance lobby. Designed with symbols of justice interspersed with imagery of Lowell’s textile and mill history, the art features quotes in languages including Khmer, Spanish, Portuguese and English, representing local cultures of the people of Lowell and equal justice.Viracon's DigitalDistinctions combines the durability of ceramic enamel with the versatility of digital printing, providing the ability to print multiple colors, graphics and simulate building materials on a single surface

Precision Edge

Considered Corners

While building codes require handrail glass to be laminated, Pulp Studio’s PRECISION EDGE refuses to skimp on quality with superior edgework built into its tempered and annealed laminated glass handrails. Fully recyclable, the glass railing features a high quality, zero-tolerance finish with perfect alignment.Judge’s Comment: “This is a high-quality handsome product that’s been successfully field-tested.”


Bending Glass

A mere 1.3-mm thick, architectural DermaGlass is as durable and damage resistant as more traditional and thicker heat-treated glass. Using an ion-exchange process, it is highly resilient and extremely versatile, allowing designers to bend the glass around columns or into decorative shapes. Available in sizes up to 58-in. × 118-in.


Versatile Glass Cladding

With its patented clip system, the TurnKey interior glass cladding system supports a quick install without adhesives or drilling. Available in a range of glass sizes, including hand-made art glass panels, options include back-painted, mirrored, etched, textured, decorative laminated, digitally printed and dry-erase glass marker boards. The versatility enables designers to quickly, easily and cost effectively revamp interiors.


Classy Take-Offs

Designers using decorative glass to preserve the role light plays in creating vibrant, welcoming environments in air travel facilities worldwide. Bendheim specialty architectural glass is an increasingly popular choice among designers for its variety and luxurious, clean aesthetic that conveys quality and prestige. In addition to its enduring elegance, a wide range of architectural glass options provide improved environmental outcomes, including naturally hygienic surfaces and improved energy efficiency. The non-porous glass surfaces discourage the spread of bacteria and are easy to maintain in high-traffic airport environments. 


Façade Revamps Old San Jose Office Building

Designers customized a glass façade for San Jose’s 111 Market Square to attract new tenants. Modulus Architects customized a second-skin glass façade for 111 Market Square; the back-lit decorative glass cladding is a key element in the upgrade of two 1960’s Class B office towers into Class A commercial real estate assets.


Visit the Pyramids

Pyramid Glass, shown in Azure Blue, is available in 15 pearlescent colors. Designed for large-scale façade applications, panels of the three-dimensional glass material can be ordered in sizes up to 6-ft-6-in. x 11-ft. It can be installed against other wall materials or used as a partition.