Contract Products/Accessories

Sanitizer Stations

High-volume sanitizer stations hold a full gallon of ready-to-use hand sanitizer, featuring a locked door that houses another, back-up gallon for easy engaging. Seven powder colors or a client’s custom graphics or branding are available. The station is finished witha UV-stable powdercoat and is 7.21-in. wide × 9.85-in. deep × 48-in. high. 


Cool Heads Prevail

The Vario cooling 400 series from Gaggenau offers a fully integrated, built-in modular range of refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezers and wine climate cabinets which can be partnered to meet an array of interior configurations. A cooling wall concept integrates into the overall kitchen structure. Clear glass shelving is complemented by a glow from warm white, glare-free LED lights. The 400 also features a wine cabinet for a weekly cocktail hour. Available with an opening assist system, a proximity sensor activates ice and water dispenser, light and touch keys.

Elkay’s Smartwell

Hydration Station

Elkay’s Smartwell is a fully integrated, intelligent system offering fresh, filtered water through Elkay’s WaterSentry filter that is NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 certified. Designed specifically with offices, auto dealerships, hotels and waiting rooms in mind. It gives users the option to create their own custom beverages on demand—while promoting healthier choices, cost savings and environmental sustainability. It offers a variety of flavors and nutritional add-ons.


Table Top Power

The PCS94 Tabletop Power Monument from Mockett is a freestanding power dock with a weighted base and grip pad underneath that goes anywhere power access is needed. The device offers all the elegance of an in-desk power grommet with the convenience of mobility. Great for work desks and home offices, or pop-up and temporary work spaces, it’s also plug and play, and easy to adjust. It’s available in three sizes and configurations in black, white and metallic silver.


Power Up

Legrand offers an expanded line of power-in-place products for furniture and work surfaces. The new product suite includes radiant Furniture Power Centers, adorne Furniture Power Centers with integrated switching and dimming and the new desktop Power Center Slim, a component with standard electrical outlets and USB ports. Finally, sleek, low-profile deQuorum Flip-Up Table Boxes provide flexibility in delivering power and communication hubs to work surfaces.


Power on the Fly

Legrand’s Plugmold Multioutlet Systems are compatible with airport furnishings and its Vista Point5 USB Pedestal easily integrates with terminal architecture; both provide commuters with power on the go. Passengers can get a full charge, download in-flight entertainment and contact loved ones and business associates while they wait in the boarding area.