Contract Furnishings

A modular Soft Work seating system from Vitra

A Place to Work or Hang Out

Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby have devised the modular Soft Work seating system for Vitra, which unites the experience of home, the office and public sectors. Instead of creating a working environment centered around desks with peripheral sofas, the table workstations are focused around a seating landscape. Mobile tables and chairs can be pulled up as needed and put away; the addition of panels creates spaces for quiet work.


Flexible and Movable Furniture

As states and countries consider the path to reopening schools, education systems must consider not only when they will open their doors, but how they can successfully maintain an environment that prioritizes sanitation and social distancing measures. At UK-based manufacturer and installer of education seating, Ferco Seating, experts have paid close attention to the rules and regulations that countries overseas have implemented to safely reopen schools. Their solution? The EasyGlide Desk. It’s lightweight, maneuverable in any direction and stable on flat feet. The design and folding capabilities give teachers autonomy in the design of their classrooms.


High-Performance Work Stations

The Brody Desk by Steelcase allows employees to focus even in high-traffic surroundings. This high-performance workstation was designed specifically for the in-between spaces in corporate environments. Regardless of the floor plan, the desk can be used as a stand-alone, or a series of desks can be put together. The desk offers a mini LED task light and integrated desk power is accessible via two Type A USB ports.


Office Enhances Employee Happiness with Workspaces

Postmate’s 400-person San Francisco office was in need of ideal workplace solutions that would provide a private, soundproof space for employees to make calls, relax or work solo, and to improve workflow and employee satisfaction. Postmates transforms the way goods move about cities by enabling anything to be delivered on-demand. Their local couriers can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes and the company encourages communities to shop local, changing their economic landscape while encouraging local businesses to offer delivery services.  In order to promote creativity and avoid a stagnant environment, Postmates purchased modular and neutral furniture solution


A Generous Place to Rest

Smooth like a pebble and soft like mounded moss, Adell by Arper brings outdoor seating inside. The design is by Lievore + Altherr Désile Park in 2020. Made from 80% recycled polypropylene, Adell is plush yet supportive and lightweight. From lounge areas to waiting rooms, educational common areas or hospitality spaces, the base options include metal or wooden leg configurations or sled base in metal.


Private Pods

The PoppinPod, the newest phone booth competitor on the market, is a turnkey for private space. This product gives teams the opportunity to be in full control of their environment. PoppinPod Kolo 1 is designed for private work, and the PoppinPod Kolo 2 is designed to accommodate two to four people as a meeting space. It is available in black and white and features built-in power, a smart ventilation system and personalized lighting—at the touch of a button. In stock and ready to ship allows it to be one of the fastest in lead times in the industry, alongside one of the longest warranties in the market.

Mary Idema Pew Library, Grand Valley State University

Individual to Group Learning

After studying student behaviors, this framed the way in which Grand Valley State University (GVSU) went about renovating its Mary Idema Pew Library. In essence, the university identified a range of activities and the types of spaces students desired to support those tasks. “When they are really heads down on a project, or a test, or some other creative endeavor, they often expect and demand almost total silence and stillness,” relates Van Orsdel. On the other end of the spectrum, students seek group settings, whether it is comfortable lounge seating or a table with a whiteboard or a large screen for sharing digital images or data.Beyond having a space to support group inter


Posture Adjustable Desks

Migration SE is a height-adjustable solution that gives workers the freedom to choose between postures. Available in desk and bench versions to support a multi-tude of applications and work modes. Customization options are also available for the surface materials used and for the color of the legs on the desk/bench.

Cove Lounge Chair

Me Time

The Cove lounge chair, manufactured by Poltrona Frau, and designed by Foster + Partners, is suitable for public lounges, even reception areas, and has been designed to function as part of a cloud-like cluster of chairs. The ribs of cushion at the back of the chair extend in places to form ridges, which can be used as armrests.“The design [of Cove] explores the spatiality of personal space, expanding the notion of a simple chair in terms of function and materiality. Its compact form carves out a generous volume that provides a secluded space to eat, work or relax.”—Mike Holland, Head of Industrial Design, Foster + Partners


String Pattern

Recently, 3form launched a new addition to the Full Circle collection with a team of textile artisans in Magelang, Indonesia. Inspired by long-lasting global relationships created by Full Circle, string was used throughout the new patterns to represent the connections and intersections the program fosters between people and communities. What resulted is four new stunning patterns that can be used in a variety of 3form products.