Contract Furnishings

Steelcase Pod Tent

Camp Out at the Office

Looking for ways to create a compelling work experience to welcome people back, Steelcase turned to an outdoor gear designer to draw up ideas for a new, post-COVID working environment. The Pod Tent is a freestanding pod that limits distractions in the open office by providing individuals with a comfortable and private space to do their best work. The tent is lightweight, easy to move, and ventilated via a standard open-air roof and door.

Iso Work Lounge

Space Shaper

Combining the comfort of a lounge chair with partitions for privacy, Arcadia's Iso Work Lounge Collection provides a welcome and quiet space to sit, work and focus. Armless lounge and love seat models, as well as panels, perform beautifully alone or as an ensemble to create stand-alone modules, clusters, or expand into a multitude of well-proportioned arrangements for various meeting requirements.


Modular Sofas

Haworth's Lyda is a modular sofa collection designed for commercial and hospitality environments. With a selection of sizes and shapes to choose from, the sofa champions flexibility, including options for materials, design and configuration. Ideal for a range of activities, interaction and even relaxing in common office spaces.

Focus Pod

Focus On This

The Focus Pod, a freestanding nook ideal for quiet concentration in open areas, is the latest addition to Allsteel’s offerings. The design features a fabric screen, curved gently around the space to minimize disruption and outside noise. Easily cleaned and maintained, the pod comes complete with a workspace: a comfortable seat and small table. Ideal for offices and hospitality spaces. Allsteel’s partner Zilenzio develops high-quality sound absorption that is the result of extensive experience in sound design, analysis of offices and tests according to international standards.  

A modular Soft Work seating system from Vitra

A Place to Work or Hang Out

Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby have devised the modular Soft Work seating system for Vitra, which unites the experience of home, the office and public sectors. Instead of creating a working environment centered around desks with peripheral sofas, the table workstations are focused around a seating landscape. Mobile tables and chairs can be pulled up as needed and put away; the addition of panels creates spaces for quiet work.


Flexible and Movable Furniture

As states and countries consider the path to reopening schools, education systems must consider not only when they will open their doors, but how they can successfully maintain an environment that prioritizes sanitation and social distancing measures. At UK-based manufacturer and installer of education seating, Ferco Seating, experts have paid close attention to the rules and regulations that countries overseas have implemented to safely reopen schools. Their solution? The EasyGlide Desk. It’s lightweight, maneuverable in any direction and stable on flat feet. The design and folding capabilities give teachers autonomy in the design of their classrooms.


High-Performance Work Stations

The Brody Desk by Steelcase allows employees to focus even in high-traffic surroundings. This high-performance workstation was designed specifically for the in-between spaces in corporate environments. Regardless of the floor plan, the desk can be used as a stand-alone, or a series of desks can be put together. The desk offers a mini LED task light and integrated desk power is accessible via two Type A USB ports.


Office Enhances Employee Happiness with Workspaces

Postmate’s 400-person San Francisco office was in need of ideal workplace solutions that would provide a private, soundproof space for employees to make calls, relax or work solo, and to improve workflow and employee satisfaction. Postmates transforms the way goods move about cities by enabling anything to be delivered on-demand. Their local couriers can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes and the company encourages communities to shop local, changing their economic landscape while encouraging local businesses to offer delivery services.  In order to promote creativity and avoid a stagnant environment, Postmates purchased modular and neutral furniture solution


A Generous Place to Rest

Smooth like a pebble and soft like mounded moss, Adell by Arper brings outdoor seating inside. The design is by Lievore + Altherr Désile Park in 2020. Made from 80% recycled polypropylene, Adell is plush yet supportive and lightweight. From lounge areas to waiting rooms, educational common areas or hospitality spaces, the base options include metal or wooden leg configurations or sled base in metal.


Wellness Divider

Integra Seating announces a new Wellness Divider. Designed to divide space between seated guests in waiting rooms, lounges and guest and lobby areas, it can assist in stopping the spread of airborne germs, including the novel coronavirus. Free-standing at an overall height of 52-in., the Wellness Divider combines a clean, minimalist aesthetic and practical functionality for designers and facility managers alike. The base and upright supports are solid steel with a silver powder coat finish. The divider comes in either a transparent polycarbonate or white HPDE material with eased edges, which brings a soft and unobtrusive appearance.