Coatings & Finishes

Sentara Brock Cancer Center in Norfolk, Va.

Sustainable Finish

Complementing the extensive curtainwall on the face of the 253,000 sq.-ft. Sentara Brock Cancer Center in Norfolk, Va., designed by Odell Associates, is an Acurlite Structural skylight system finished with a Linetec clear anodize finish. The anodized aluminum frames 12 bays which make up the canopy skylight’s total 60-ft. 7-in. span. The high-quality coating highlights the aluminum’s natural look and accentuates the center’s clean, contemporary appearance. The anodize finish requires minimal maintenance, offers great wear and abrasion resistance and delivers long-lasting performance. It is 100% recyclable and certified with a Declare Label for the Living Building Challenge

Thaden School, Bentonville, Ark.

Reels and Wheels

Designed to recreate the green-gold metallic finish of a 1967 Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 sports car, Sherwin-Williams created a customized coating per Marlin Blackwell Architects’ specifications for Thaden School in Bentonville, Ark. Featuring the “Reels” film and production studio, and the “Wheels” physics and mechanics building, rainscreen metal panels from Morin are finished with the Fluropon SR—a 70% PVDF resin-based architectural coating with solar-reflective pigments. The specialty coating helps resist heat absorption and supports the buildings’ energy efficiency ENERGY STAR, LEED and Cool Roof Rating Council program criteria.The campus also to


Getting Healthier

The Living Well collection is a mix of colors and paints chosen to invite a sense of comfort, style, and well-being. Offering 11 curated palettes. The collection includes two products that expand the SuperPaint line: SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology, which keeps walls sanitized by delivering ongoing antibacterial action that kills 99.9% of certain bacteria on painted surfaces and remains effective for up to four years; and SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology, which contributes to better indoor air quality with  technology that helps break down unwanted odors while reducing VOCs. Seen here is Perfect Greige, part of the “Breathe” line.


Finishes Adorn Stunning Western Archrib Glulam Pieces on World-Class Track & Field Facility

High-performance wood protection manufacturer, Sansin, along with glulam fabricator Western Archrib, recently showcased their work on the stunning track and field facility, Hayward Field at the University of Oregon in Eugene. The open and airy structure, re-envisioned by SRG Partnership, showcases Oregon history, culture and forest products. To that end, more than 462 Douglas Fir glulam structural wood pieces, protected with Sansin’s low-VOC architectural finishes, were used to create 77 unique curves, each containing six pieces of curved wood. There were over one million linear feet of Douglas Fir lumber used in all the glulam pieces – equating to 830.5 laps around a 400-meter t


Taking Out Microbes

The SPYSCAPE Museum in New York utilizes Gordon Inc.’s Metal Architectural Wall System and the company's Anti-Microbial Powder Coat finish. The museum features real spy stories and devices as well as interactive spy challenges. During the Special Ops Challenge, visitors travel through a tunnel trying to press lighted buttons on the walls, while dodging lasers that cross the path from wall-to-wall. Because the walls are constantly touched by visitors, they needed a durable, anti-microbial finish. The finish provided a secondary protection against microbial contamination by supplementing proper hygiene practices. The powder coating finish interrupts the growth of a wide range of path


Anodized Advantages

In the process of anodizing, Coil aluminum goes throughan electrochemical process that builds an anodic layer that’s bonded to its surface at a molecular level. The resulting finish won’t chip, flake, peel or corrode. The material is 100% recyclable, and in finishes like stainless and copper, the finishes can match natural metal looks, but with better performance and durability.


Engineers of Color

Rocky Rochon has brought his science-based paint line, The Paint Laboratory (TPL), to Southern California. Launched in Seattle, the line is available, along with hand-painted samples, at the new studio in West Hollywood. Created to solve the evergreen issue of how a paint’s color, and thus the goals of a designer, is affected by a shift in light source, the line is focused on the properties of metamerism—the science of the reflection of light and its impact on how color is defined.

Hyvee Arena, Kansas City, Mo.

HyVee Arena’s Sports Complex Repurposes Building

Considered the nation’s first multi-level sports complex, Hyvee Arena adaptively reused the historic Kemper Arena’s single-level venue transforming it into a modern, four-level, multi-functional, 10,000-seat recreational facility in Kansas City, Mo. Working with McCownGordon Construction, the building owner and design team devised a solution that inserted a second floor in the middle of the existing facility.According to McCownGordon Construction, the construction of the facility was complex due to the addition of the new structural upper sport floor over the existing lower arena sports floor and seating. The renovation also included enhancements to the interior environ


Color Stability and Exterior Durability

Durapon 70 spray PVDF extrusion coating is a proprietary resin blended with 70% PVDF fluorocarbon resin. Extremely resistant to chalk and fade, it provides outstanding protection from acid rain, chemicals and corrosive exposures, and offers long-term color stability and exterior durability.


Union Station Skylight Reimagined

The original 177-ft.-long, barrel-vault system was restored while a new 187-ft.-long, high-performance system was installed above it. The original skylight’s cast-iron frame consisted of 13 individual, 12-ft. wide × 83-ft. long, segmented “ribbons” with a total of 2,068 lites of 0.25-in. wire glass. In restoring the historic skylight, the system was de-glazed, repaired and re-painted, and its existing glass lites were replaced with 9⁄16-in.-thick translucent, laminated, heat-strengthened glass.