SONEX Valueline Panels

The Fabric-Wrapped Fiberglass Sky Is Falling… On Students

Officials at Toronto’s Islington Junior Middle School needed to replace old ceiling panels that were a danger to students and staff. Islington Junior Middle School in Toronto had a problem. The fabric-wrapped fiberglass panels installed on the ceilings and walls in many of the classrooms were detaching and dropping to the floor. They had to be replaced and quickly before they landed on an unsuspecting student or faculty member. The school needed ceiling panels that could be easily installed, even on its curved ceilings. The ideal panels would also be able to offer sound management that could help create quieter classrooms. Sound management is a common problem in schools. Typical classr

Strait Rx, Infinity Rx

A Prescription of Acoustic Flooring for Patients, Staff at Methodist Mansfield

Renovated medical center’s NICU experiences the unexpected quiet of vinyl Rx surfacing. The center in Mansfield, Texas, began the $8.7 million expansion of its existing Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in 2018. The hospital, which offers full-service maternity care, added eight private rooms, family amenities, a state-of-the-art infant security system, and dedicated respiratory and lactation support spaces. They needed a flooring fit for the job. Interior designer Whitney Hendrickson had unique insight into what the space demanded. Prior to becoming a certified interior designer, Hendrickson was a pediatric nurse.When it came time to select the flooring, Hendrickson recalled a 2017

A-Light has expanded its family of acoustic luminaires with the introduction of the Absorb I fixture

Noise-Reducing Luminaires

A-Light has expanded its family of acoustic luminaires with the introduction of the Absorb I fixture. Available with an uplight, downlight or uplight/downlight distribution, Absorb I luminaires are suitable for environments where ambient noise is a concern, such as offices, hospitality settings, or transitional areas with high ceilings or hard surfaces. The vertical acoustic panels feature a distinctive flanged design and a special insert within the structure, which provides additional sound absorption in a space. It is available in 2-ft. and 4-ft. lengths.

Zilenzio Pro Family, Cloudz stone wool ceiling-mounted absorbers

Cloudz for Soundz

Part of the Zilenzio Pro Family, Cloudz stone wool ceiling-mounted absorbers are designed to be suspended in layers one above the other, and have thus been provided with holes through which cables can be drawn in order to attach one layer to another layer below. Five variants are available to create a diverse and light-hearted impression. Zilenzio is a Swedish manufacturer that develops and delivers sound absorption through well-considered design solutions. They are partnering with Allsteel Inc. to distribute and incorporate such solutions in the U.S.

Seem 1 Acoustic

Be Baffled by Narrow Form Acoustic Lighting

These stunning, sound-managing solutions pair linear acoustic luminaires with baffle systems. The modern, eco-friendly, sound-absorbing housings are offered in two form factors—the slim, 1.5-in. aperture of Seem 1 Acoustic or the wider Seem 2 Acoustic, which features a 2.5-in. aperture. The unlit acoustic baffles are the perfect complement to the acoustic linear luminaires and add sound-dampening cover to large ceiling expanses.

Altro Orchestra and Altro Wood Comfort’s combination of aesthetic appeal, underfoot comfort and acoustical performance aligned perfectly with the vision behind the project renovation.

Acoustic and Comfort Challenges at Historic School

Newman Architects select resilient flooring that is comfortable and manages sound to deliver quality learning environment. Creative Minds International Public Charter School partnered with Newman Architects to transform the historic building they occupy into a modern space for learning. The school is located in the Sherman Building on the Armed Forces Retirement Home campus in Washington, D.C., a site that began serving as the first permanent retirement home for enlisted soldiers in 1852. This renovation occurred in a 6,000-sq.-ft. space in the unoccupied south wing of the building and included the addition of three new classrooms, an activated common area and other support spaces.According

ASI | Architectural Systems, Inc.'s Pattern Play - Acoustical/Decorative Panels

Beautiful Wood Veneer

Made from natural walnut and white oak wood veneers, with a felt and honeycomb corrugated core, ASI’s Pattern Play acoustical/decorative panels come in cuboid, contour, linear, ziggurat and formation styles. The panels also offer antimicrobial protective coating. Ziggurat and linear are available with the acoustical backing option or as a decorative veneer, while cuboid and contour are solely decorative panels. The panels can be used as movable partitions or ceiling tiles offering a sound absorbing product solution.Judge’s Comment: “The patterns are hypnotic, yet refined and visually quiet.”

REGUPOL's Sonus Curve

Turf Flooring Underlayment

A dimpled flooring underlayment designed to reduce sound generated by footfall noise, Sonus Curve from Regupol is made from 92% post-consumer recycled tire rubber. Durable, versatile and cost-effective, the various thicknesses allow for many different floor constructions to reduce impact and airborne sound transmission within building structures. It can be applied as a flooring underlayment system which isolates the subfloor, then accepting 2 in. to 3 in. of concrete, gypsum or plywood on top.

Turf Design Scanlines

Acoustics and Aesthetics

When designing office spaces, two key factors must be considered for a more productive and stimulating environment: sound and aesthetics. High noise levels in offices have been proven to disrupt productivity, while more scenic office spaces have been shown to increase morale. TURF’s innovative and patent-pending Scanlines combines the best of both worlds, creating sound-absorbing works of art. The acoustic wall panel uses carved grooves of different depths to translate any image and capture sound through TURF’s signature acoustic PET felt.Judge’s Comment: “An acoustically lenticular treat for the eyes and ears.”

Eureka Lighting's Quadrant

Vibrant Look

Designed to be used in open areas or in rooms where the surface material of the floor, walls and ceiling reflect sound, Eureka Lighting's Quadrant is a family of pendant luminaires that help reduce ambient noise and absorb background chatter. Small clusters of Quadrant lights produce soft ambient light while creating an obstacle for the sound waves trapped within. It is offered in lit and unlit versions, and in heights of 23 in., 35 in. or 47 in. Charcoal or silver gray are the standard colors for the shades, but other colors are available.Judge’s Comment: “Unique in its form factor, offering a twist on the traditional acoustic/lighting companionship in a decorative