TURF has launched a new ceiling system—the Switch-blade—to address the aesthetics and acoustics of spaces with an existing tee grid. Made of individual baffles that attach to a tee grid with magnets, leaving existing ACT tiles untouched, it is easy to install and mix and match. Available in 17 colors and made of recycled PET felt, it comes in three design styles: classic, organic and geometric. Compatible with steel tee grids with flat 9/16-in. and 15/16-in. cross sections.


Quieting Interiors with Knitted Felt

FELTWorks Blades from Armstrong enable architects and designers to redefine the ceiling plane with a soft linear visual that adds quiet and warmth to interior office spaces. Available in two knitted design modules, as well as rectangular panels in 6-in., 8-in. and 10-in. heights, knitted module options include Ebbs & Flows and Peaks & Valleys designs and custom looks as well. The 3/8-in.-thick panels are available in standard 48-in. and 96-in. lengths and 15 standard colors. Made from 50% post-consumer recycled PET fibers, panels absorb up to 70% of the sound that strikes them. Carrying a Class A fire rating, the blades are approved for use in all seismic categories.

Alumni Medical Library at Boston University, Boston, Mass.

Key Products Used for BU's Medical Library Renovation

In renovating the 13,000-sq.-ft. Alumni Medical Library at Boston University, Finegold Alexander Architects designed carrels and booths, and group study rooms within an open, transparent space. In swapping out a concrete encased staircase with a glass wall system, this brings visibility and light across the floorplate. DIRTT demountable partitions were specified for the individual study booths and for the glass fronts at the group study and tutor rooms to provide sound isolation. In addition, 2Tec2 woven vinyl flooring was selected as an easy to clean, durable option for withstanding the moving chairs and heavy foot traffic. The system also has a felt backing for sound absorption.Another int

Framery O

Happier Workplaces

“This is a product that I love! I judged it at Neocon and our team gave it a gold award.” —Elisabeth Post-Marner, SpacesmithThe product—Framery acoustic pods for phone meetings or relaxation—according to Post-Marner, literally envelops one in the sound-absorbing surroundings. “The ‘Mind’ section of WELL addresses places of meditation and relaxation, and this product provides it,” she says, adding it also meets the “AIR” criteria with no VOCs, and the “COMFORT” category, as the refreshing music-equipped pods help make people feel removed from the surrounding work environment.


Dynamic Acoustics

Who says acoustic wall panels have to be boring? Designed by Alberto & Francesco Meda, the “Flat” sound-absorbing panels, available as a wall or ceiling-mounted system, are characterized by the perfectly planar front surface. The wall brackets are fitted with a rear metal hinge that can rotate and tilt the element. The “Totem” divider element (right) is made up of 12 panels can be set against each other and supported by a chromed tubular steel structure mounted on a painted metal base.


Organic Dampener

Botanic, is a decorative leaf-shaped, sound- absorbing panel with patented technology held by chrome metal support that can be fixed with different inclinations and proposed in combination with different bearing structures. It is available in three versions: wall, ceiling-mounted and free-standing.


Ceiling Solution

The most common complaint of occupants in open or exposed structure design is noise. Smooth textured Lyra PB Direct-Apply panels both offer architects, designers and owners a cost-effective way to reduce unwanted sound in exposed structure spaces, including both new construction and retrofit applications. The Lyra PB Direct-Apply ceiling and wall panels from Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions can be installed directly to deck and wall surfaces with recommended ceiling adhesive. The product offers easy adhesive installation, a variety of design options and excellent sound absorption.


All-Pro Blocker

The Beyond pavilion is a demountable partition system, featuring a rich set of materials and configurations that helps users reclaim unused vertical real estate in the open plan, creating environments from solo to collaborative, while supporting technology and power routing. The system supports marker boards, tackable materials and can be constructed with frameless glass, framed glass and solid panel options.


No Blue Blocker

Knocking down sound, but not daylight, the ILTUO acts as a room division system with options to incorporate 3form’s translucent Varia Ecoresin material, as well as its acoustic Sola Felt. As a customizable and highly configurable product, the hardware system allows for variable height requirements, from half wall to full floor to ceiling heights. Designers can use Varia’s writable finish to turn ILTUO’s interior or exterior surface into a collaboration tool.