Cloudy with a Chance of Controlling Sound

Reduce reverberation of sound with Acoustic Clouds. These pre-fabricated Zintra Acoustic 1/2" pieces are quickly and easily assembled on-site, then the shape is suspended from the ceiling substrate. Available in 16 standard colors, Acoustic Clouds provide attention grabbing three-dimensional texture that is easily installed, as well as the practical benefit of effective noise reduction. 


Acoustic Abilities

Kirei offers a series of systems that enable uniform mounting of acoustic panels with a variety of reveals between panels. The kit allows for easy and attractive installation of Kirei’s EchoPanel product line. EchoPanel is a decorative, acoustically absorbent panel with a felt-like finish, made from 100% pet plastic containing up to 60% post-consumer content. The product’s range of options in terms of thickness, color, pattern and form allow for a high level of customization. Systems from wps hardware keep all panels on the same plane without shimming; each style is outfitted with interlocking clips and extrusions, guiding the panels into position. Hardware options include the Sh

Overlay designed by Birsel+Seck for Herman Miller

Movable Walls

Overlay by Birsel+Seck for Herman Miller are movable walls that can be used to create freestanding rooms, give shape to open or divide areas. It can create an enclosed meeting space—complete with a door. Unveiled at NeoCon in 2018, Overlay's movable walls can be used to create free-standing rooms, give shape to open spaces or simply divide areas. A three-sided workspace can create a designated niche, or four Overlay walls can create an enclosed meeting space—complete with a door. Overlay frees up time and funds in an office renovation budget: two people can move it in two hours; and at $350 a linear sq. ft., it is half the cost of demountable walls.   


Acoustic Control Meets Metal Design

GKD MetalFabrics has created its own line of aluminum-based Acoustic Mesh Panels to help control noise without compromising beauty. The new technology was developed by incorporating research findings from a number of studies and white papers. The panels incorporate a sag-free, one-inch-thick honeycomb support plate, layered with an intermediate blanket of fiber-free acoustic fleece which dampens the noise to near silent at an aw value of 0.9. Lights, downlights and sprinklers are easy to integrate within the panels and they can also be removed and refitted easily which makes it a flexible sound solution for many architectural design needs that require sound dampening. 


Insulate and Innovate

Johns Manville Mineral Wool Sound and Fire Block insulation provides a powerful (and yet quiet) 2-in-1. The insulation batts are noncombustible and moisture-resistant. The high-density fibers in mineral wool help delay the spread of fire and reduce noise transfer in interior walls and between ceilings and floors. The insulation improves wall assembly STC ratings by up to 10 dB, has a melting point in excess of 2000˚F and is made of durable inorganic glass, which translates into no growth of fungi and no sustaining of vermin. JM mineral wool is also easily cut, installed and fills the entire cavity for maximum performance. It is best used in wood-stud cavities and interior walls and ceilings

Brasserie Bernard, Outremont, Montreal

Panels In Harmony

Brasserie Bernard is a classic French brasserie in the heart of Outremont, a high-end neighborhood in Montreal, Canada. Owners of several popular restaurants, brothers Maurice, Paul and Richard Holder knew from experience that acoustics are an important part of developing an ideal atmosphere. To create a space that allows for comfortable communication, the brothers selected lightweight, WILLTEC direct-apply panels. In addition to providing acoustic benefits, the custom golden-yellow panels harmonize with the multidimensional painted ceiling and walls, and contrast with the black wood and leather banquettes. The WILLTEC custom panels are finished with a specially formulated water-based, golde


Aesthetic Acoustic

Envirocoustic wood-wool acoustic ceiling and wall panels are manufactured using just three ingredients: wood fiber, cement and water. The panels absorb sound to reduce echo and reverberation, and are available in many sizes and colors, and can be painted in a range of SonoKote colors.

Acousti-Mat / Maxxon Underlayment System

Sound Solution

Acousti-Mat sound mats, paired with Maxxon Underlayment, reduces sound transmission through floors and adds fire resistance to wood-frame construction. Systems can be specified to offer multiple levels of sound control, with compression strengths up to 5,500 psi.


Attention Drawn Upward

A ceiling can now be a work of art thanks to ecoustic Sculpt Ceiling Tiles by unika vaev. An award-winning acoustic ceiling tile collection, it is available in nine striking designs with the ability to create custom profiles for specific interiors. It achieves a high level of acoustic performance by virtue of its shape, construction and the combination of Instyles’s ecoustic SC panels and sound mesh. The tiles can be installed easily into existing or new fit outs and can be easily removed to gain access to services. 


From the Heart

HeartFelt Ceilings and Walls are formulated to address higher frequency sounds. Crafted from felted, thermoformed polyester, the dense, soft structure of the panels feature a square-edge design that draws the eye while also accommodating the aesthetic and function needs of interior spaces. Available in black, white or five shades of gray and earth tones, it offers designers the ability to create visual gradients and rhythms in the ceiling plane. The panels can be installed as a ceiling cloud, a full ceiling by splicing individual pieces to create continuous lengths or part of a as wall installation. The panels are made from up to 85% recycled material, including the aluminum carrier system a