Feltworks Open Cell Acoustical Panels

Hit the Ceiling

The Feltworks Open Cell Acoustical Panels offer a modular, geometric ceiling visual that also reduces noise in a large scale open environment. Made from up to 60% recycled PET fibers, the panels hang easily and can be removed to integrate lighting or access the plenum. Panels are available as individual clouds or can be interlinked to create a wall-to-wall installation.

Focus Pod

Focus On This

The Focus Pod, a freestanding nook ideal for quiet concentration in open areas, is the latest addition to Allsteel’s offerings. The design features a fabric screen, curved gently around the space to minimize disruption and outside noise. Easily cleaned and maintained, the pod comes complete with a workspace: a comfortable seat and small table. Ideal for offices and hospitality spaces. Allsteel’s partner Zilenzio develops high-quality sound absorption that is the result of extensive experience in sound design, analysis of offices and tests according to international standards.  

BuzziJet Standing

Bright Buzz

BuzziJet Standing’s lampshade is made using BuzziShape’s acoustical felt material. Its circular and wide shape manipulates soundwaves to bounce back and forth, reducing noise. The aerodynamic design features a curved step attached to a round, flat base to promote optimal space use and extra legroom by fitting underneath desks and tables. It also is available as a simple pendant light with an aerodynamic design,  sound-absorbing capabilities and a powerful light. Ideal for offices and hospitality spaces.  

ModularArts' AuralScapes acoustic wall panels

Acoustic Wall Panels with Shape

ModularArts' AuralScapes acoustic wall panels support rigid PET felt baffles, available in distinct topographies and various colors. Maximum sound absorption is achieved with parabolic ridges cast into the gypsum panels, designed to reflect sound into the absorbent baffles. Panels interlock for accurate alignment and require only caulking between joints.Flo, Crush, Dune and Drift are four topographic options that create interesting wall textures with acoustic benefits. 


A Soundproof Pod

Workplace pioneer Framery is serious about creating happiness in the office, and recently launched Framery One. Available in eight timeless colors, including White, Gray, Black, Powder Blue, Winter Moss, Sand, Blush and Navy, these hues reflect color trends that are popular when designing for wellbeing and comfort—conditions that are critical to promoting optimism and safety—a welcome addition to interior spaces during times of uncertainty and unrest.


Good Moon Rising

A family of fixtures, ALW’s additions to its “MoonRing” series include: MoonRing Acoustic (pictured), which brings acoustic options to the flagship luminiare; MoonDisc, a line of circular acoustic discs between 3—6 ft. in diameter, incorporating acoustics with optional indirect lighting, designed to complement MoonRing luminaires; and MoonDish, a side-emitting ring luminaire with a 1.5 aperture and an optional 0.5-in.-thick acoustic panel with an NRC of 0.85. The MoonDish delivers a uniform illumination with a modern design. A new twist on the ring trend, the luminaire offers a side-emitting profile, creating a glowing aesthetic. The optional acoustic panels are compo


Minimizing Sound Absorption

Audia, the flagship fixture of the ACOUSTIX family of luminaires, combines a refreshingly slim aesthetic, exceptional optics and precision sound absorbing technology to create a new paradigm in acoustic lighting. Audia allows sound waves to be absorbed by Lumenwerx’s proprietary sound-absorbing material called EchoCore. The material is composed of aluminum carefully cut and sized based on Helmholtz Resonance. As sound passes, it gets trapped within the EchoCore and the air pockets that have been created, resulting in 30% more sound reduction than that of standard felt luminaires. In addition, the flame retardant and mold-resistant material is eco-conscious, emitting zero VOCs. It is al


Angled Acoustics

Architects and designers can deliver playful acoustic installations in a variety of shapes, angles, layers, colors and sizes with SoundScapes Shapes Acoustical Clouds. Ideal for exposed ceiling structures that need spot acoustical solutions, it provides up to 1.18 Sabins per sq. ft. of acoustical performance. With the introduction of 60-degree triangles, 90-degree panel options, trapezoids and parallelograms, 13 standard shapes and 14 colors are offered for maximum flexibility. Custom shapes, sizes and colors are also available. Shapes contain more than 50% recycled content.Judge’s Comment: “Very innovative shapes, and relieved of the confinement of the grid.”


Open Office Spaces Optimize Acoustics

Cybersecurity and identity management software company, SailPoint Technologies, recently moved into its new Northwest Austin offices. The location spans four floors and 65,000 sq. ft. within the 165,000-sq.-ft. building. In need of more space to accommodate its rapid growth, SailPoint’s new workspace nearly doubled the company’s previous Austin office space, which had been spread out across two buildings. According to the Austin Business Journal, the Austin-based staff expanded from 124 people in 2017 to nearly 500 in 2019, representing half of its global employees.Using sound-absorbing materials to optimize acoustics in an open office can benefit associates by accommodating both