School Hallways Undergo ‘Cool’ Transformation




Dr. Kirk Lewis Career Technical High School


Houston, Texas

Design Team:

IBI Group Inc.

Product Specs:

Product: Acrovyn Chameleon Sheet & Wall Guards
Material: PETG

Originally Published:

High-resolution digital imagery and durable surfaces transform these corridors into something almost too cool for school.


Completed in Fall 2014, Pasadena Independent School District’s new Dr. Kirk Lewis Career Technical High School (CTHS), Houston, Texas, features innovative learning academies that include technology, transportation, health, food service, construction, business, agricultural and career guidance. The design team wanted the hallways of the 248,000-sq.-ft., two-story CTHS to be inspirational, timeless and “cool.” At the same time, durability was essential.


To brand the school’s multiple academy locations, spark enthusiasm for learning, generate school pride, and provide a sense of way-finding, IBI Group brightened the school’s corridors with bright, relevant graphics that immediately became a popular backdrop for student selfies and student and school social media.


School corridors are high-traffic areas with walls that take abuse from everything from backpacks to shoes. CTHS corridor walls had to be easily cleaned, low- to no-maintenance, long lasting, and durable. These criteria could not be met by traditional protective wall covering products.


Acrovyn Wall Protection was chosen to transform CTHS’s high-traffic corridors, used by more than 1600 students, into timeless, motivational works of art that will last for years. Acrovyn by Design gave interior designers Sylvia Hajo, RID, L EED AP ID+C, and Rutu Sathia, LEED AP ID+C of IBI Group, unlimited visual freedom. “With Acrovyn by Design’s endless possibilities, we were able to bring our digital visions to life to add excitement in the corridors of the school,” says Sathia. The designs incorporated high-resolution digital imagery of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and others into the public corridors. Each image was relevant to the academy it was branding and made wayfinding easier, given the school’s large footprint.

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