EME420DDE 4-in. deep louvers

They can Handle a Hurricane

The new EME420DDE 4-in. deep louvers—along with the 5-in. deep EME420DDE model—are designed to meet 55-mph impact tests, for applications in hurricane-prone regions. They have also earned Enhanced Protection ratings, qualifying them for use in such “essential facilities” as hospitals, jails, fire and police stations, and other buildings designated as emergency shelters.

Northwestern Medical Center, Chicago, Ill.

No Chicago H2O Blues

Very near Lake Michigan in Chicago, Northwestern Medical Center faced several challenges in bringing a new campus building to life. Designed by Perkins+Will, the project involves a phased construction where a 14-story base building is presently under construction; a 20-story tower addition is planned for construction in five to 10 years. Since the project is built-out to all property lines there are no at-grade landscape areas, which presented a particular challenge given the city’s Dept. of Stormwater Management permit requirement that the project account the total building mass and footprint. Translation: 10,000 cubic ft. of stormwater detention was required. Further, city code requi


Battened Hatch

The revolutionary FloodBreak automatic flood barrier is changing how flood mitigation projects are designed. FloodBreak will protect virtually any vulnerable opening, 24/7, without the need for human intervention or power. Permanently installed and nearly invisible, the flood barriers sit beneath entrances, roadways and other openings ready to deploy and prevent flood damage.


Watertight Barrier

The PD-522FFR fire-rated flood door from PS Flood Barriers is a normal-use swing door, specifically engineered for interior and exterior openings requiring watertight flood protection, as well as a 90-minute fire rating. Always in place, this dual-defense door provides unmatched flood and fire protection while allowing pedestrian access. Designed for water-protective heights up to 11 ft., it meets hydrostatic, hydrodynamic and impact-loading requirements. It’s available in mild steel or stainless steel construction.


Stand-Off Protection

The vertically deployed Flex-Wall is a high-strength flexible wall that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of buildings or equipment. It is constructed from textile-based materials and metal posts that reside in a small container and are manually deployed. The Flex-Wall can be long to surround buildings or short to close off doorways. All parts and equipment are stored at the point-of-use for maximum efficiency in an extreme weather event.


It's got Stick-To-It-Iveness

StealthBond metal roofing is attached using a proprietary adhesive, rather than mechanical attachment devices, and has received Miami-Dade County Building Code approval. The three-part system incorporates a base level of metal strapping that’s secured to the roof deck, the adhesive that’s applied to that strapping and, finally, metal roofing panels that are laid into the adhesive for penetration-free attachment.


Get on a Drainage Roll

The promise of ventilated façades enabled by rainscreen technology to promote drainage and drying of wall assemblies is a powerful one, but it helps to know a little something about the not-so-sexy elements underneath. A tangled filament nylon core drainage mat, Sto’s DrainScreen is for use in above-grade vertical wall assemblies intended to lay beneath stucco, stone, siding and thin brick veneer. Easy to roll onto walls, water vapor moves freely through the mat layer to keep things dry and prevent water damage to façade materials.


Quick Job

Class A, water-resistant NRP-FIRESTOP wall panels by Parkland are laminated and can be installed over painted walls, concrete block, plywood, insulating foam and even unfinished drywall. Installed with a tube-type adhesive to save time, the NRP-FIRESTOP also features flame retardancy. A variety of finishes are available: veneers, metallic, marbles, pebbled textures and even marker boards. Matching and contrasting moldings are available, or panels can be installed in a seamless construction. 


BIG Rigs Housing Solution

Urban Riggers is making a splash—literally. A floating hub of shipping containers refitted as student housing for the University of Denmark was met with critical acclaim last month in Copenhagen, and is now the most de rigueur and affordable student accommodations in the city. “My oldest son needed a place to live when he was going to university,” Kim Loudrup, cofounder of the Copenhagen housing startup Urban Rigger told World Architecture News. “When we went online to see the availability for student housing in Copenhagen, it dawned on us that it was a nightmare.” Architect Bjarke Ingels of BIG and partner Kim Loudrup, CEO of Urban Riggers have become BMOC (big men on campus) for conceiving