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Grasspave2, Gravelpave2 and Beachrings 2

Rolling Along

Grasspave2, Gravelpave2 and Beachrings 2 from Invisible Structures allow ADA-compliant access for areas typically difficult to access for wheelchair-bound or disabled individuals. Simple but highly effective components buried just below the surface, plastic cylinders allow the normally uneven surface to provide uniform resistance to walkers, bikers or wheel chairs, meeting ADA standards for public park and recreational facilities.

Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

The Proof is in the Flooring

Building products can easily claim numerous accolades of their technologies, but the real proof comes through end-user feedback. A great example of such well-vetted research is Johns Hopkins Hospital’s 90-day testing program of 20 resilient and non-carpet flooring products. Emerging from the pack was Ecore Commercial Flooring’s Terrain Rx, a rubber fusion-bonded to a contemporary, modern heterogeneous vinyl sheet surface, which reduces the risk of falls and delivers both sound control and comfort. Also testing well for durability, stain removal and clean-ability, JHH went on to install the product in 56 inpatient rooms at the Meyer Neuro & Rehab facility in Baltimore. 

Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH), Chicago, Ill.

Rx for Hand Hygiene

In 2010, Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) in Chicago, one of the country’s premier academic medical centers, launched a major hand-washing campaign aimed at employees, patients and visitors: “Clean Hands Every Time.” According to a hospital press release, two-thirds of Americans fall short in adopting the habit of washing their hands, and 80% of infections are transmitted through touch. If hands are kept clean, the transmission of germs from person to person is greatly reduced. As part of a hospital-wide education campaign on the importance of proper hand hygiene, NMH even self-produced a sing-a-long video parody featuring hospital staff demonstrating their best hand wa

Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System Medical Center, New Orleans

Built to Serve Those Who Served

The Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System Medical Center in New Orleans (SLVHCS) features nine buildings uniquely specified to aid the more than 70,000 vets who visit each year. Veteran-specific design includes straight, long stairways, without switchbacks to increase visibility; blind corners were also minimized. Bathrooms are prominently located, as many vets travel from rural areas. Accessibility was championed, with ample and easy wheelchair storage at the entrance.“To design for this specialized patient population and its healthcare needs, we recruited over 100 veterans and 180 VA hospital staff from Louisiana—many of whom are vets themselves—f

Kampung Admiralty, Singapore

Gracious Universal Design in Mixed-Use Building

The World Architecture Festival announced that Kampung Admiralty, designed by WOHA has been selected as the 2018 Building of the Year. Selected among 535 projects from 57 countries, WOHA’s mixed-use senior housing project integrates a medical center, daycare facilities, a public food hall, a public park and a community garden, establishing a new architectural precedent for a critical issue of our time: engaging, supporting and housing senior citizens in a multi-use, multi-generational setting.Vertical VillageTogether, several government agencies have combined a plot of land and building project to maximize land use and budget. The tight site with a height limit of 45 meters had the tea


Hospital Addresses Safety and Aesthetic Concerns

Rockville Hospital boasts a strong behavioral health unit that provides support and specialized, sophisticated services for many areas of mental health, including addictions, anxiety, depression and other counseling. As part of its renovation, Rockville Hospital was looking for flooring that would provide safety and aesthetics for patients and visitors alike.


Patient-Controlled Dimming

The Apollo 8 fixture incorporates a custom low-voltage controller that allows patients to dim lighting from their pillow speaker. The controller supports up to three separate loads, matching the fixture’s three configuration options—ambient only, ambient with exam, and ambient with exam and reading light. Additionally, healthcare professionals can operate the luminaire from a wall switch.

The polycarbonate resins provide a strong and durable faux leather product that can be used in healthcare settings

Demanding Performance

Sta-Kleen Polycarbonate by The Mitchell Group is a polyurethane coated upholstery fabric made from 100% polycarbonate resins. The polycarbonate resins provide a strong and durable faux leather product and Sta-Kleen stain resistance withstands harsh chemical disinfectants used in commercial environments. It has been accepted into the Healthier Hospitals Initiative for Safer Chemicals.



Maharam’s offering of nonwovens are solvent-free, antimicrobial and ink-resistant. Maharam’s proprietary material offers superior abrasion resistance. It pairs a silicone top layer with a silicone-and-polyurethane mid layer. This resulted in a product that offers all of the advantages of silicone but with enhanced performance and durability. The product is Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified, Healthier Hospitals compliant, and LBC Red List compliant.


Letting Off [Green] Steam

Born of a novel research project in 2014, the NEST in Schwabish Hall, Switzerland, a region known for its engineering ingenuity—especially when it comes to water—is a lab that bridges the gap between cutting-edge construction technology in theory and practice. Its most recent module is Klafs saunas and spas showroom and wellness spa, entirely powered by renewable energy. In this case, the company recognized that spending time in fitness clubs, equipped with mechanical machines, saunas and spas may grant health and well being to an individual, but not necessarily the environment. To mitigate the effects of resource-intensive well-being, NEST has re-engineered its fitness spa with respect to e