At HOPE Tower at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, N.J., a pair of LiveWall Outdoor Living Wall Systems, each over 22 ft. wide × 11 -ft. high, were installed to institute a sense of well-being. “The green walls are essential,” said Drew Smithson, chief operating officer, Jersey Shore University Medical Center. “They transform highly visible exterior walls, which would be otherwise unremarkable, into vertical gardens that are an integrated part of the whole landscape.” By extending the landscape up the sides of the structural walls, noted Chris Cirrotti, vice president and principal in charge, Dewberry, the exterior civil engineering and landscape architecture firm for the HOPE Tower, the green walls "complement the landscape design and bring a vertical element to the spaces that make the landscapes more complete." LiveWall uses components that can stand up to the elements, such as UV-resistant molded planters and anodized aluminum rails. To overcome the challenges of growing plants accustomed to a horizontal landscape in a vertical garden, LiveWall simulates a natural growing environment with natural orientation, effective drainage, and rain-like irrigation. Removable planter inserts make LiveWall the practical choice to grow a wide variety of plants.

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would love to see credit given to the design team
Duly noted and adjusted--thanks for pointing out something excluded in the haste of the moment.

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